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Why Wait? Ban NOW!!!

Published: Thursday, November 1, 2012

The LTDA has stepped up its campaign to get the authorities to ban the capitals ever-increasing number of Rickshaw’s.

The Association asked the world renowned Transport Research Laboratory (TRL) to look at the possible safety implications of allowing the continued use of these vehicles for hire and reward in London.

The scientists warned that “any impact with a motor vehicle” was likely to result in “serious injury to both passengers and riders” TRL also warned that “The standard of braking for a Rickshaw fell well short of that expected of a car”.

The video shows the horrific results of a simulated 30mph impact between a Rickshaw and a car, the LTDA are of the opinion that its only a matter of time before the events depicted are a reality and NOT a simulation!

LTDA members will have received a full video report on the entire Rickshaw ‘rip off’ business and the LTDA’s campaign to persuade the authorities to ban this dangerous menace before someone is killed, “WHY WAIT? BAN NOW!”

View the poster or the video footage.