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Taxi drivers can’t work from home

With restrictions likely to be in place for the foreseeable future, limiting the number of people working in and visiting central London, taxi drivers are in desperate need of additional support to survive the COVID-19 crisis.

Over 3,300 iconic black cabs have been lost from London’s streets since lockdown ended in June. Struggling drivers have nowhere to turn and are being forced to leave the trade and put out of business in record numbers.

Without government intervention, more than 21,500 London cabbies stand to lose their livelihoods, and the rapidly dwindling trade could die.

The problem

The taxi trade is one of the sectors hit hardest by the pandemic and measures to try and halt its spread, with drivers relying on a busy city and town centres, stations and airports for trade. But the self-employed drivers and small businesses that make up the taxi trade have been forgotten.

Watch the video below to find out more:


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What we need

The Government must step in and urgently provide additional financial support to save taxi drivers from ruin, protect an important part of the transport system and ensure that the many jobs and wider economic benefits the taxi trade provides are not lost.

Meanwhile, Transport for London and the London Boroughs must also take steps to restore confidence in the future of the trade and ensure that drivers can continue to ply for hire effectively across London, now and in the future.

Use funding provided by government to support businesses forced to close to also support taxi drivers, following the example of other local authorities and regions.

Our asks


  • Provide additional targeted financial support for struggling drivers, similar to that provided for the hospitality sector to ensure the viable taxi trade is not put out of business permanently by the pandemic and measures to halt its spread.
  • Further increase the level of support provided through the Self-Employment Income Support Grant Extension and ensure this is in line with the amount of support provided for those in employment.
  • Encourage the safe use of licensed taxis where appropriate by issuing more detailed safer travel guidance specifically for the taxi trade and introduce an incentive, discount scheme for passengers, as restrictions ease and alert levels reduce.


  • Stop removing taxi access to key routes and important thoroughfares and give licensed taxis the same access as buses to London’s roads.
  • Better promote the role of taxis as part of the public transport system and a way to travel for those less able to walk and cycle during the pandemic.

How you can help