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Campaigns: Rickshaws

Rickshaws first appeared on London’s streets in the early 90’s. They were dangerous, unregulated, ripped off tourists and clogged up the streets then, and they are still doing it 30 years later.

They have never been competition to taxi trade, something the media never quite understood, and our loathing for them has always been misreported. Cabbies don’t like them for the very same reasons that the business groups, residents associations and the police don’t, they belong in the third world not in 21st century London.

They operate though a loophole in the law by classifying themselves as ‘Stage Carriages’ and charging passengers individual fares, often using this as an opportunity to rip off tourists by quoting a fare, failing to mention it’s ‘per person’ and then doubling or tripling it at the end of the ride.

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