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Campaigns: Dodgy £50s!

An LTDA member was recently the victim of a counterfeiting gang who are targeting taxi drivers with fake £50 notes.

Their MO is always similar, the two suspects hail a taxi on the street, often in the EC, WC or N1 postcodes, take a journey in and around these postcodes until the fare is around £12-£14 and then tender a £50 note as payment.

Unluckily for them our member captured CCTV of them hailing his cab and during the ride they can be seen sorting out a large wad of fake £50s in preparation to dupe the driver at the end of the ride.

They have been reported to the police and a crime recorded, if they attempt to hail you be careful, on the rare chance you see a police car or officer point them in the direction of these two.

Watch the videos below: